Dog owners who pooh-pooh picking up Pooch’s public poo-poo make “Raising Hope” star CLORIS LEACHMAN barking mad – so when she spotted an offender at LA’s Brentwood dog park, where she walks her li’l critters twice a day, the “DWTS” fireball waltzed right up and gave him hell!
Growled My SpyWitness: “When Cloris saw this guy totally ignore his dog’s mess, she ran right over and gave him a stern lecture.
"And when he said he’d forgot to bring a bag, she marched him to a trash can, pointed at a discarded newspaper and yipped, ‘Pick up the mess with that!’
"The guy looked horrified, but made Cloris happy by admitting that he felt bad – then did exactly what she’d told him with the paper!”
(Hope it wasn’t The ENQUIRER…)