Whirlwind KRIS JENNER blew into Nordstrom’s designer handbag department and arrogantly insisted all shoppers be booted so she could peruse the purses in private!

Said My SpyWitness: “The KARDASHIAN mom-ager – accompanied by estranged hubby BRUCE JENNER, granddaughter Penelope and three burly bodyguards – tapped her toes impatiently while store security guards ordered patrons to clear out, including one lady who actually had her wallet out to pay.

"Outraged patrons were swearing they’d NEVER be back!”

Kris browsed privately for a half-hour, but the old bag didn’t buy a single bag!

(Just kidding, Kris, you kutie!)

“Big Momma then went upstairs to visit the Chanel clothing shop,” said my source, “and again, security guards ejected the common folk.

"Kris and entourage rifled through the racks, but didn’t buy one damn thing, finally exiting the store – empty-handed!”