A totally flustered femme fan of “The Mentalist” star SIMON BAKER spotted him topping his tank at the Hollywood gas station she’d just pulled into, and immediately ran over to request an autograph.

Reports My SpyWitness: “Simon couldn’t have been nicer, thanking her for being a loyal viewer. And when the gal asked if she could give him a peck on the cheek, he said, ‘Okay, just don’t tell my wife.’

"But the woman got so excited – and rattled – that when she hopped back in her car and drove off, she forgot to remove the gas hose from her fuel tank and… POW!…it went flying!”

Luckily, an automatic shut-off switch stopped the hose from pumping the instant it hit the concrete.

Samaritan Simon promptly picked it up and stuck it back on the pump as Red-Faced Lass shouted, “Thanks!”…and put pedal to metal!…