KIMMEL’s krack not too ‘tweet’ – BABA WAWA goes ‘Wa-wa-WAAAH!’

KIMMEL’s krack not too ‘tweet’ – BABA WAWA goes ‘Wa-wa-WAAAH!’ thumbnail

OUTWAGEOUS! If you caught that furious look on BARBARA WALTERS’ kisser when JIMMY KIMMEL zinged her at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, it’s no surprise she slow-burned when her own…er, wise-cwacking cohorts went all “Baba Wawa” on “The View” – and off camera, she practically burst into flames!

Kimmel got roars in DC when he zapped: “Sixteen years ago, there was no Facebook, no Google – and a ‘tweet’ was something Barbara Walters gave her dog!”

On “The View,” Walters whined: “I did not like what he said about me!”

Said a show source: “Barbara was stunned when her funnygals sided with Kimmel! JOY BEHAR hilariously suggested they should test Barbara, ordering her boss to say the word ‘treat’ three times!”

Getting no joy from Joy, Wawa turned to WHOOPI GOLDBERG, who praised Kimmel, saying: “It was a well-crafted joke!”…OW!… After the taping, “Barbara was seething,” said the source.

“She told producers, ‘I can’t believe they didn’t stick up for me. This isn’t funny – and I don’t have a speech handicap!’ ”

(Baba, you’re barking up the wrong twee!)