Kendall’s Koo-Koo Billboard ‘Goof’ Exposed As Klever K-Klan Kon Game!

The whole world’s screaming about KENDALL JENNER’s onstage “brain fart” at the Billboard Music Awards, when instead of introducing boy band 5 Seconds of Summer, she apparently lost her bleeping mind and blurted: “One…” – as in ex-boyfriend HARRY STYLES’ band One Direction – but here’s my world-beating SCOOP-DEE-DOO: That was NO ACCIDENT, folks!


It was yet ANOTHER brilliant Kardashian-esque K-Klan Kon Game – konkokted to trigger tons of free publicity by none other than mom-ager KRIS JENNER, say insiders – and it worked brilliantly!


Said My Billboard Awards insider: “The so-called ‘teleprompter accident’ – after which Kendall blurted out, ‘Guys, I’m the worst reader!’ – was in fact masterminded by Kris, a genius when it comes to getting her Kuties publicity.


The alleged ‘blunder’ was a strategic move to generate worldwide headlines and plaster Kendall’s face everywhere.

And it worked – K-Kid’s act was damn near Oscar-worthy!”