BRIDE JITTERS DEPT.: JESSICA BIEL waited ages for JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE to “put a ring on it” – so My SpyWitness at a Brentwood dog park was shocked to hear her screaming into her cell phone at a pal: “Ohmigod, come down here right away!

"I’ve lost my engagement ring!”

Jessica had enjoyed a playful hour cavorting with her pups at the park, then drove off – only to return in a panic minutes later, begging fellow dog owners to help find her lost bling.

After 20 minutes of zip, Jessica made the frantic phone call to her  pal – who chilled her pronto!

“She reminded me I hadn’t been wearing the ring when she’d seen me earlier,” said Jessica. “I’m so sorry to put all you guys through this.”

Worse, red-faced Jess confessed, she’d freaked recently when she got home from a jog – and realized the ring wasn’t on her finger.

“But Justin reminded me I hadn’t been wearing it.

"I guess I subconsciously keep taking it off when I go places where I think I might lose it.”.