Just like you and me, stars can be dummies – even a mega-cutie like JENNIFER ANISTON, who relies on a too-obvious alias to stay under fan/paparazzi radar when making reservations or booking appointments!

Okay, all together now: “What’s so dumb about that, Mike?”

Well, folks, Jen’s super-clever alias is…Rachel Green, her character’s name on smash-hit “Friends” – which is still in re-runs worldwide.

Gosh, Jen, who’d ever guess that?

Said a longtime pal of the star: “Jennifer  says people can’t believe she’d use Rachel Green as an alias, that it’s too obvious. She uses it to place food orders, and for facial or massage appointments. But even though she loves the inside joke, Jen never uses it to book hotel rooms.”

DUH!…NOTE TO RACHEL/JEN: Not trying to ruin your fun, lady, but if I found out your alias, so will others!