JENNIFER LAWRENCE puts the “Aaawww “ in JLaw!

JENNIFER LAWRENCE puts the “Aaawww “ in JLaw! thumbnail

 Hollywood’s hottest new hottie’s in the news so much, there oughta be a JLaw!

Here’s my exclusive on headline-maker JENNIFER LAWRENCE: Headed for Lala’s Argentine Grill on famed Melrose Ave. with mom Karen and two galpals, she spotted an elderly homeless lady pushing a shopping cart stuffed with her shabby belongings.

Instantly, says My SpyWitness, Jennifer’s heart melted!

She asked the woman: “Honey, are you hungry? Do you want to come and eat with us?”

When a guy passer-by overheard that, he sneered: “They’re not going to let her in there!”

Shrieked JLaw: “Why don’t you mind your own business!” – and fired off a few explosive expletives.

But the homeless lady shyly thanked Jennifer and demurred, saying “she had to watch her cart.”

Our star smiled, pressed twenty dollar$$$ into her hand and said: “Well, you eat when you’re ready then!”

Aaawww, JLaaawww!