Jennifer Aniston Grave-ly Freaked By Ghostly Voice!

Jennifer Aniston Grave-ly Freaked By Ghostly Voice! thumbnail

JENNIFER ANISTON was not amused (but you will be!) by the hilarious prank played by SAM WORTHINGTON, her co-star in the movie “Cake,” in which Jen stars as a character haunted by the shocking suicide of a woman in her chronic pain support group. 

Said an on-set source: “Jennifer got quite freaked out about a scene where she visits the woman’s grave. She kept telling everyone she couldn’t wait to be done and gone, because the graveyard gave her eerie vibes. That gave Sam the idea for his prank – so he talked a sound technician into concealing a microphone on the grave right next to where Jennifer was filming!”

So just as the star delivered her final lines, a soft female voice whispered: “Jennifer!” Cast and crew fought to suppress giggles as Jen turned ghost-white and gasped: “Did you all HEAR that?…Someone was calling my name!”  Everyone played dumb – until the voice called out again and Jen screamed: “There, did you hear that?  Who’s doing that?” 

Said the source: “Everyone realized Jen was truly scared, so they decided to blow the whistle before they got blamed – and told her she’d been pranked by Sam. Jen vowed revenge — warning Sam to watch his back!” BOO!!