OHMIGOD, LISTEN UP, GIRL GROUPIES! “American Idol” just offered your American idol JUSTIN BIEBER a staggering, unprecedented, insane-even-for-Hollywood offer to become the show’s third judge for a whopping $25 million per season… shriieeeek!…but sadly… (be calm, now, ladies)… The Bieb NIXED the deal!

“They offered him many more millions than MARIAH CAREY – and double what J.LO made to start,” said my insider.

“That’s because executive producer NIGEL LYTHGOE’s so hot on Bieber he approached him even before STEVEN TYLER announced he was quitting. Nigel was willing to make Justin the highest-paid judge EVER! Why? Because he’s convinced he’d bring in a younger demographic and put the show back in the number one position.”

But even though Justin’s a huge “Idol” fan and watches the show faithfully – even DVR’ing it when he’s out on the road – he and his management team agreed that with upcoming commitments and touring, it just wasn’t going to work!