Hugh Still Knocks The Ladies Off Their Feet

Hugh Still Knocks The Ladies Off Their Feet thumbnail

STAR-CROSSED ENCOUNTERS DEPT.: Slouching into a swanky eatery in WeHo (which is what hip folk call West Hollywood), a pale, weary-looking HUGH GRANT parked it at the bar and ordered not one, but TWO, Red Bulls – explaining he was so jet-lagged and exhausted, he feared he might actually doze off in front of the dinner guests who’d be joining him shortly!

Said My SpyWitness: “Just as Hugh knocked back his second Red Bull, a woman – very noticeably sloshed – suddenly sidled up to our star and slurred, ‘I’m a HUGE fan, Hugh! I simply must have a picture with you.’

"She brandished her cell phone, but Hugh instantly held up his hand, protesting, ‘NO pictures tonight, I’m too tired!’”

Looking crushed and woebegone, Tipsy Lady started backing away, but…


her tootsies suddenly tangled and she crashed to the floor!

Gallant Grant immediately leaped to help her up – and staffers none-too-gently bum-rushed her out the door!