SO…? JUST WAVE YOUR POWERFUL WAND, DUDE! Life’s been total magic for “How I Met Your Mother” star NEIL PATRICK HARRIS – now triumphant on Broadway in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” – but he’s suddenly so heartbroken that only a HARRY HOUDINI can help because…shockingly, Neil’s LOST his whole bag of tricks!

(HUH?! You mean he can’t sing, dance, act and make us laugh anymore?) Folks, let me quickly explain what I’d somehow forgotten – Neil’s a magic freak/amateur magician since childhood, and his hobby’s collecting a formidable trove of tricks and magic paraphernalia/equipment even a Houdini might envy, but…it’s suddenly and mysteriously disappeared!

Said a close pal of the star: “During his recent move to Manhattan from his LA home, with fiance DAVID BURTKA and their 3-year-old twins, Neil made sure to pack very carefully – but when he unloaded at the New York digs…POUF!…his treasure trove of tricks had suddenly gone up in smoke, mislabeled and/or misplaced!

Devastated, Neil’s spent hours on the phone with the moving company AND pledged a big reward for its recovery!”

Okay, folks, shout a good-luck “ABRACADABRA” for Neil, and…stay tuned!