Holy Snatch-Back, Batman!

Holy Snatch-Back, Batman! thumbnail

Talk about a costume drama: In a scene where he dramatically drives up in the Batmobile to confront Wonder Woman, “Batman” star BEN AFFLECK – decked out in full Caped Crusader costume – was supposed to roar up, brake, slam the door and run toward the stunning female super-heroine! 

Said My SpyWitness: “It was a scene that required precise timing and everything was going perfectly as Ben drove up, braked to a stop, leaped out and ran toward Wonder Woman – slamming the door behind him. But Ben – who’d misjudged the length of his Bat-cape – slammed the door on the end of it – and was abruptly yanked violently backward, crashing to the pavement as everyone howled in shock!”

Filming came to a halt as cast and crew rushed over to make sure he was okay. “Physically, Ben was fine – but his ego was badly bruised,” said my source.

“GAL GADOT, who plays Wonder Woman, was stunned speechless at first – as was everyone else. Ben’s bizarre crackup had looked so scary, like something you’d see on a cartoon show – and suddenly, everyone wanted to laugh. No one did, of course – until Ben himself cracked up and barked, ‘Hey, I’m not used to wearing a cape, OKAY?!’”

It took nearly an hour to reset the scene – and this time Ben and Bat-cape exited the car TOGETHER!