HOLA! Jenny From The Block … ATTENCION!

HOLA! Jenny From The Block … ATTENCION! thumbnail

Got a pleasant surprise for JENNIFER LOPEZ, who kept pleading won’t you please, please help me to staffers after she sailed into a posh WeHo eatery and was seated – to her horror – in a booth right next to PAUL MCCARTNEY!

Said My WeHo Spy: “Jen begged staffers to move her to another table – she feared there might be bad blood between her and the ex-Beatle because her bodyguards once had a minor scuffle years ago with handlers for his ex-wife, HEATHER MILLS, at a public protest over animal furs. Jen thought Paul – who was dining with pals, including RINGO STARR – might still be upset, so she never exchanged a nod or a glance. The staff couldn’t reseat her because the joint was packed, so she just kept her head down, finished her meal, and shuffled out swiftly.”

Now here’s my koo-koo kicker, so … Attencion, Jenny-cita: My source says Sir Paul didn’t remember any incident with Heather; and as you sashayed out, he took a long, hard look at your famously fine bootay and exclaimed to his grinning pals: “She’s sooo bloody HOT!”