WHO KNEW? The sweet spirit of Hannah Montana apparently still lurks inside the smoldering psyche of twerky MILEY CYRUS, who popped into chic Madhattan eatery Print, plopped down at a table with a guy pal – and immediately started raising hell!

“Miley and her man ordered only water,” revealed My SpyWitness, “then kept hooting and hollering, holding up their cell phones and making a racket.”

But when a nearby couple complained to a waiter, raucous Miley instantly morphed into sweet li’l Hannah. “She went over and apologized, and told the folks, ‘I’m sorry, we just had too much caffeine today!’ Then she asked the couple about themselves.”

Turns out they were celebrating their second wedding anniversary, so “Hannah” hugged them sweetly, posed for pics, left $100 with the maitre d’ to cover their meal…then twerked it on back to Miley’s World!