When TAYLOR SWIFT’s beloved Scottish Fold pet cat Meredith disappeared during a concert in South Carolina, a massive search was launched – and it suddenly looked like singer and feline were never, ever, ever getting back together!

Said My Swift Spy: “Meredith often accompanies Taylor on tour, curls up on a chair in her dressing trailer, then greets her like a puppy dog when she comes offstage.

But this time, Taylor came back and – NO Meredith!

Immediately, she began calling the cat, bursting into tears when it didn’t appear.

Dozens of workers fanned out from her dressing trailer and the star – sobbing like crazy – joined them!”

Finally, a stagehand yelled: “HERE SHE IS…SAFE AND SOUND!”

Racing over, Taylor grabbed Meredith, locked her in the trailer for safekeeping – then read her personal staff the riot act, telling them: “If my trailer door’s left open again, you’ll all be looking for new jobs!”