Photography by: Splash News Online

QUEASY RIDER DEPT.: Fearless WOODY HARRELSON goaded “Batman” star CHRISTIAN BALE into aping dangerous dirt bike cycle stunts between takes of their new flick “Dust to Dust” – and Christian ended up biting it…the dust, that is!

After renting two off-road motorcycles, says My On-Set Spy, the stars sneaked off to a wooded area where film execs wouldn’t see them risking their necks, and Woody kept yelling at Christian: “Come on, I dare ya!”

Finally, daredevil Woody rocketed down a hill and soared his cycle skyward – making a spectacular landing.

After relentless prodding, Christian tried the same stunt, went airborne, flipped over and…CRAAASH!

Incredibly, Woody   wanted to keep ’em flying, but bruised Bale bellowed: “These things are dangerous! And how do I explain why I’m limping?”