After getting famous for snaring a string of boyfriends, then dumping on them in song, you’d think TAYLOR SWIFT would be the last woman on earth a mom would want to fix her son up with, but… Sexy Swift was window shopping with a pal on Hollywood’s Sunset Blvd. when a middle-age woman suddenly came running out of a bookstore and burbled: “Is that really Taylor Swift I see?”

Taylor – who’s careful about proving she truly cares about her fans since hundreds of fan letters mailed to her were found “mistakenly” discarded in a dumpster – smiled sweetly when the woman begged: “Can you wait a second?…I’ll be right back!”

Darting back into the bookstore, she was back in seconds with a sheepish-looking 20-ish guy in tow, and introduced him to Taylor as, “My wonderful son!”

Giggled My Sunset Spy: “The poor guy looked like he got hit by a bus as Taylor chatted politely – and he mumbled an apology out of Mom’s earshot, saying she was out from Wisconsin visiting him, and keeps fantasizing ‘I’m going to marry some big star, and…well, you’re the first one she’s run into!’”

Taylor began laughing so hard she was nearly in tears, then planted a big kiss on the young man’s cheek and whispered: “Just so mom can go back home and have something  to talk about.”