Guy fan gushes over SKINNY HATHAWAY – & his ‘overweight’ wife explodes!

Guy fan gushes over SKINNY HATHAWAY – & his ‘overweight’ wife explodes! thumbnail


No Hollywood hottie’s hotter right this minute than “Les Miserables” star ANNE “Peek-a-Boo” HATHAWAY – especially after that notorious naughty paparazzi shot at her New York premiere generated super news sizzle – but Anne just can’t stop obsessing about one nagging problem: She’s desperate to pack back the 25 pounds she dropped for the film, and started chatting about it when an admiring young man spotted her buying bagels at a Manhattan bakery and gushed: “You look absolutely perfect!”

Just then, the guy’s wife – who’d been waiting outside – waltzed in and went wide-eyed at seeing her man schmoozing an Oscar-nominated superstar.

After he introduced them, Anne was totally charming, and the wife was all smiles… until World’s Dumbest Hubby suddenly blurted: “Hey, Anne, maybe you could share how you lost that 25 pounds with my wife. She’s tried everything, but nothing seems to work!”

Recoiling like he’d whacked her with an ax, Wifey – sporting about 40 unneeded pounds – shrieked: “WHAT!?… Are you kidding me? Did you just ask her for a diet for ME? And, what, she weighs like five pounds!”

Fuming, bellowing and sobbing, she made a beeline for the door as Anne whispered to the gob-smacked guy: “I think you’re in trouble!”