Good Guy Tom Hanks Teaches Baseball To Morocco Kids!

Good Guy Tom Hanks Teaches Baseball To Morocco Kids! thumbnail

FURTHER EXCITING ADVENTURES OF TOM TERRIFIC IN FAR-OFF MOROCCO DEPT.: Good guy TOM HANKS turned a bad thing into a good thing for half a dozen young Moroccan boys who were playing soccer in a street used as a location for his upcoming film, “A Hologram for the King,” when…POP!… a production truck accidentally ran over their soccer ball and exploded it!

“Hanks just happened to be nearby, heard the noise and saw the crushed look on the kids’ faces,” said an eyewitness. “So he immediately sent out an assistant, who returned with six brand-new soccer balls. Tom handed each boy a new one, then asked, ‘Hey, do you guys ever play baseball?’ The boys answered that they didn’t know how. So Tom said, ‘You show up here tomorrow — I’m gonna teach you how to play a realsport!’

"He sent out the production assistant again to buy bats, balls and gloves, and when the six boys showed up next morning, Tom – true to his word — gifted each kid with their new gear and spent over an hour teaching them how to play good old American baseball!”