"LOST” DIRT FOUND! It took some digging, but here it is – the untold story behind the so-called “inappropriate behavior” that got “Lost” star DOMINIC MONAGHAN bounced from Hollywood club Voyeur: From the moment he staggered in with a crowd of drunken buddy-boys, the ass-inine creep pinched, patted or slapped every female bum in sight, triggering furious reactions!

Said My SpyWitness: “He’d get behind girls and start rubbing their bottoms, ignoring outraged warnings to back off, or else! Women started complaining to management, who quickly got in Dominic’s face and warned he’d be booted if he didn’t quit grabbing booties.”

The star just laughed it off and apologized, but moments later he started brazenly barking up the wrong butt – groping the rear end of a busy waitress, who immediately whirled and screamed in his face: “GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!”

As horrified women pointed their fingers and screamed bloody murder, the club’s manager and a squad of bouncers swooped immediately, roughly grabbing Dim Bulb Dom and bum-rushing his moronic ass out to the sidewalk, where he was warned: “Don’t try coming back here – tonight or any other night!”

(In other words, get LOST!!)