FURIOUS ASHTON RAGES to bosses: I want THAT ‘Half’ man FIRED!

FURIOUS ASHTON RAGES to bosses: I want THAT ‘Half’ man FIRED! thumbnail

Desperate to hang onto his fat $350,000-per-episode salary after branding his TV show “filth” and urging fans NOT to watch, 19-year-old “Two and a Half Men” star ANGUS T. JONES keeps begging producers NOT to fire him – but he’s suddenly facing a powerful, implacable enemy: Furious star ASHTON KUTCHER!

“Right after Angus appeared on that video with his controversial religious guru and trashed the show, Ashton totally exploded,” said a show insider.

“He marched right in to the bosses and told them, ‘Angus is a spoiled brat – and I want him off this show!’ The producers aren’t happy themselves, obviously, but they haven’t made a decision. And to be fair, there was absolutely no change in the show’s high ratings after Angus trashed it – and his co-workers. Plus, he keeps apologizing profusely, so execs are considering their next move carefully. They have a grace period right now, because the kid’s character has enrolled in the Army – meaning they could easily write around his role and keep him on part time.”

Backstagers insist Ashton isn’t on board with that – and he’s extremely vocal about his anger behind the scenes.

“Ashton wants Angus off the show – period!” said my source.

“If it were up to him, he’d ship the kid’s character off to the military… without leave!” Here’s the kicker: If the kid’s booted, former TV uncle CHARLIE SHEEN’s gleefully dangling a starring role on his hit “Anger Management.”

WINNING! Stay tuned.