BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE DEPT.: En route to the men’s room at a posh ’n’ trendy Hollywood eatery, a diner suddenly stopped dead in his tracks when he spotted JANE FONDA daintily downing din-din – with a pet pooch perched perkily on her lap!

Stunned that no one was paying the slightest bit of attention to Fonda’s blatant law-breaking – only police or service dogs are allowed in LA restaurants – an eyewitness says the outraged guy barked at Jane: “Really!? Where do you think you are…France?

This is a fine dining restaurant and you have a DOG sitting on your lap?”

Before Jane or her two male dining companions could utter a word, the guy stormed over to the joint’s manager to demand the dog’s immediate ejection – but got a major shock when the manager barked at him, bellowing: “Do you know who that woman is?

"It’s Jane Fonda…one of the biggest stars alive! I’m not going to tell her she can’t have her little dog sitting on her lap. It’s not bothering anyone…except YOU!”

The guy turned red with fury, stood stunned for a second – then reportedly stormed out without paying his bill. Bow, OW!!