JESSICA SIMPSON’s “bachelor” baby-daddy/fiance ERIC JOHNSON just exploded at Baby- Momma because he’s sick to death of her endless bragging about her 100 million$$ fortune AND billion dollar$$ fashion empire.

Ex-footballer Eric, who hasn’t played in the NFL since The Saints dumped him in 2008, insists he’s proud of Jess’s huge success – but finally snapped when the mother of his two kids smugly described herself to pals as “one of the wealthiest women in the world!”

Revealed a family insider: “Eric put up with Jessica’s boasting for years, always staying mum about it. But when she started rambling on and on to friends at a dinner party about how she can’t believe she’s made herself such a fortune – then topped that with her ‘world’s wealthiest’ boast, Eric snapped.

"Later that same evening, he told her how embarrassed he was by her endless bragging.

"Jessica was totally shocked, told Eric she wasn’t even aware she’d been doing it – and got very upset at first.

"But later, Jess actually thanked her man, and promised never to embarrass him again with public boasts about her rich-gal status.” 


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