Feisty EVA LONGORIA spits hellfire as giant jerk attacks ‘HANOI JANE!’

Hard-hitting Hollywood war story that surfaced just before Veterans Day: Exiting the BevHills Hotel after a yummy lunch, 75-year-old JANE FONDA recoiled in shock and fear as a mean-faced, 6-foot-4 guy suddenly charged up to her shouting: “HANOI JANE!” – but instantly, La Fonda’s feisty, 5-foot-2 firecracker lunch companion EVA LONGORIA leaped up in Bully Boy’s face, shrieking: “BACK OFF!”

Said My SpyWitness: “The guy kept ranting about Jane’s 1972 visit to North Vietnam, where she posed for that notorious photo sitting on an anti-aircraft gun aimed to shoot down American planes – then got slapped with the ‘Hanoi Jane’ nickname by outraged Americans. The giant guy got very emotional, raging that his uncle had died serving in Vietnam – and capped his tirade by calling Jane, ‘Traitor!’”

As the thoroughly frightened star backed away, Eva – red-faced and ready to explode – confronted the guy again, snarling: “If you don’t back off, I’m calling security and you’ll be thrown out of here!”

Almost before the words were out of her mouth, hotel security guards came rushing up and gave Scary Guy the bum’s rush – and valets quickly delivered the stars’ cars for The Great Escape!