Hottie TAYLOR SWIFT, semi-incognito in sweats and a pulled-down baseball cap, peered around guiltily as she slipped into Toronto’s Lucky 13 Tattoo shop with Brit singer/BFF ED SHEERAN, the opening act on her tour, who’d convinced her it was high time she stopped inking her trademark “13” on her hand before every show with a Sharpie – and get it tattooed on for good!

“Taylor was literally shaking in her boots,” chuckled My SpyWitness.

“She kept whining stuff like, ‘it’s going to hurt,’ and ‘what if I don’t like it, what will I do?’” Sheeran, who’s got “RED” tattooed on his arm in honor of Swift’s hit album, kept reassuring her: “I’ll be right there holding your hand…you’re gonna LOVE it!”

Finally caving, Taylor was just about to get inked when… “SHRIEEEK!”…a piercing scream came from the next room.

“What was that?” she gasped.

Said the tattoo artist: “Oh, don’t worry! It’s a friend of mine getting his first tattoo – but he’s a big baby!”

Turning an even whiter shade of pale, Taylor yelled: “No way!”

Grabbing Ed’s arm, she fled the joint – swearing she’ll NEVER, EVER, EVER get tattooed!


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