Don’t Miss This Crappy ‘Star Wars’ Story

Don’t Miss This Crappy ‘Star Wars’ Story thumbnail

“The Force” just ain’t with “Star Wars” icon HARRISON FORD!

The 72-year-old star limped around BevHills on crutches after busting a leg in an on-set accident; and now that he’s back at work on the “Episode VII” sequel, Han Solo’s getting totally crapped on – by stink-bombing seagulls!

During filming on the remote island of Skellig Michael, off the Irish coast, huge flocks of the sea birds – which were in the midst of their breeding season – suddenly started poop-bombing the set.

Said My Jedi Spy: “Experts told us the birds were upset by noise and vibrations created by the film crew. They’d swoop in, scare the hell out of everybody and snatch food left around. One day, we heard Harrison cursing that the birds had stolen his breakfast. But it got worse – the gulls would fly down in large flocks and drop poo-poo on him and others!

"We deflected these crap attacks by making noise, and finally frightened the birds off – hopefully to a planet far, far way!”