Don’s Still a “Miami” Boob

Don’s Still a “Miami” Boob thumbnail

Sitting with a pal outside a San Francisco coffee shop, ex-“Miami Vice” heartthrob DON JOHNSON was approached by a lady who smiled prettily and said: “I’d love an autograph – but I don’t have a pen or paper!”

Obligingly, Don dug into his carryall, found paper and pen, and signed with a smile.

“Then she asked Don to pose for a photo,” said an eyewitness.

“He gladly honored that request, then returned to his conversation with his pal – but briefly went speechless when the lady plopped herself right down at their table!

"Don chuckled, and the woman said, ‘I’m sorry – you just seem so interesting! I’m probably the rudest fan you’ve ever met!’

Don laughed and began regaling her with stories from his ‘Miami Vice’ heyday – bragging that women would stop him in the airport and ask him to sign their boobs!”  

The pretty woman, looking suddenly disconcerted, muttered, “Well, that wouldn’t be me” – and beat a hasty retreat.

Added the source: “Don’s friend laughed and said, ‘Don, if you’re wondering whether you’ve still got it…well, pal, you don’t!’”