“Dirty Harry” Goes Soft Again – Saves Teeny Kitty’s life!

“Dirty Harry” Goes Soft Again – Saves Teeny Kitty’s life! thumbnail

I revealed last week how “Dirty Harry” wept real tears listening to real-life war stories from military vets he was auditioning for a new movie – now here’s a new scoop on softie CLINT EASTWOOD’s tender heart!

Golfing with pals at Sherwood Country Club, the star was searching for a ball he’d hit into a clump of trees when he suddenly shouted: “My ball’s moving – and it’s grown hair! Hey, wait a second…now it’s talking to me!”

Said my source: “His pals walked over and found Clint staring down at a tiny, mewing kitten. Not seeing a momma cat, the guys shrugged and walked away – but Clint pulled out his cell phone and called animal-loving daughter ALISON. She advised him to take the kitty to a nearby vet, and she’d send an animal rescue pal to meet him there. So Clint scooped up the tiny critter, told the guys to finish the game without him – and drove to the vet’s office.”

That move saved the male kitten’s life!

“The vet advised it was literally at death’s door from malnourishment,” said the source. “Clint told the vet he’d foot the bill – just save the animal. Days later, the kitty recovered, and it’s now enjoying life with a foster family, thanks to Clint!” Aaawww!