IT’S COMPLICATED DEPT.: Ladies love to decorate and renovate, but DENISE RICHARDS is out of control!
After pretty much tearing down and rebuilding her 7,000-plus-square-foot house in a swanky, gated San Fernando community, she ripped out and redid the pool…not once, not twice…but three times!
After replacing the old swimming hole immediately after purchasing the pad, (1), she then added a meandering river fed by an elaborate waterfall, (2), but after deciding she didn’t like that, demolished and redesigned it to look like (3), an Italian grotto. BASTA!
Total cost for the pools alone: a whopping $500,000.
Pals confide that when Denise finally moves back into her renovated dream home with newly adopted daughter Eloise Joni, the total cost will top two million dollar$$!