Photography by: Splash News Online

Here’s how weird it can get with an ex: DEMI MOORE, desperate for a peek at ASHTON KUTCHER’s new movie, “Jobs,” keeps begging high-powered showbiz pals to snag her an advance screener of his flick – but so far, no luck!

And why, you might ask, doesn’t Demi simply sneak a peek in a movie theater?

Confides an insider: “Demi’s scared to get caught going to see Ashton at the movies – that’s why she wants to view it in the privacy of her own home.

"She’s even considered disguising herself and taking the plunge, but knows she’d be so embarrassed if she was caught watching it by anyone.”


“Demi knows there’s no chance of Ashton taking her back, but she just can’t seem to shake her obsession with him.

"She even taped all his TV appearances promoting ‘Jobs’ and just keeps watching them…over and over again.” 

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