Cowering Cumberbatch Gets Caught Up In Cuckoo Brawl Triggered By Limo Guy!

Dashing BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH – Brit star of “12 Years a Slave” – discovered just how crazy Hollywood can get on super-charged Oscars weekend when he suddenly ended up in the middle of an insane brawl between his limo driver, valets and security guards at a swanky LA hotel!

Said My SpyWitness: “When Cumberbatch’s driver pulled up to the hotel, he failed to drive into the semicircular driveway and parked his limo on the street, blocking the exit. As the star stepped out, several valets ran up – demanding that the limo be moved immediately – and he abruptly found himself trapped in the middle of an escalating screaming match!”

Trying to make peace, Cumberbatch asked his driver to move the limo – but as valets got in the guy’s face, punches were thrown!

Ducking and dodging flying fists, Cumberbatch slipped and fell just as hotel security moved in and broke up the fight – ordering the driver to move his car pronto, or they’d call the police!

That did it for our star, who escaped into the hotel and gasped to pals who’d been waiting for him: “I honestly thought I was going to get clobbered!”