Courthouse chaos as COURTNEY LOVE empties men’s room for potty break!

Courthouse chaos as COURTNEY LOVE empties men’s room for potty break! thumbnail

DEJA VU DEPT.: Scandal queen COURTNEY LOVE proved she can still raise Grade A hell when she barged into the men’s room at LA’s county courthouse and loudly ordered guys to “get the hell out” – so she could pee! 

Love had been hauled into court by her one-time attorney, RHONDA HOLMES, who claimed Rocker Babe had libeled her on Twitter by insinuating she’d taken a bribe to throw a fraud case against estate managers of Love’s late hubby, KURT COBAIN.

Said My Judicial Spy: “During a break in the trial, Courtney headed for the ladies’ room, but when she saw hateful Holmes enter first, refused to follow her in. Then, rather than wait her turn, Courtney barged into the men’s room, shouting to two men standing there relieving themselves, ‘I need to use the toilet, so zip up and give me some privacy!’ Stunned, the men made a beeline out the door. Courtney then had a pal stand guard in the hallway to keep guys out while she used the johns’ john. As a line of about five guys formed, a male security guard discovered what was going on and got pissed off, banging on the door and demanding that Courtney come out immediately!”

After a tense moment, the door opened and Courtney told him sweetly: “Calm down, I’m using the bathroom – not robbing a bank!”

Then she waltzed back into the courtroom, where she ended up winning her case!