Caught up in the spell of the romantic Italian countryside, Kevin Costner suddenly turned to longtime live-in love Christine Baumgarten and said something like, “Bella Mia, let’s avoid the Hollywood hoopla and pledge our troth here in the magnificent hills of Tuscany.” Kevin — in Europe to promote his latest movie “Thirteen Days” — had combined business with pleasure by bringing along Christine and his three children Annie, Lily, and Joe. Everyone was having a great time! Suddenly, Italy’s magic spell overcame the happy couple — and Kevin’s impromptu proposal was partly inspired by a beautiful old church he’d spotted in rural Tuscany. Giggling like romantic schoolkids, Kevin and his blushing bride-to-be headed for the chapel and were married by a local clergyman — with son Joe doing the honors as dad’s best man. After a joyous wedding feast, Kevin & Company headed to Rome and went on to London. The honeymoon? Hey, doesn’t it ALL sound like a honeymoon? Kevin’s kept the ceremony hush-hush so far. The marriage won’t be legally recognized in America until he takes out a marriage license — but he’s quietly telling his closest pals and family to get ready for a Stateside wedding.