Photography by: Splash News Online

GIRL, YOU THINK YOU’RE CHER? Bopping into West Hollywood gay bar Eleven like the Queen of queens, CHRISTINA AGUILERA – with two gay guy pals in tow – curtsied and blew kisses as the crowd of surprised male-only patrons showered her with shouted “I love you’s!”

Giddily basking in the worship, “The Voice” coach announced she was buying drinks for all her new “boyfriends.”

That made everyone – especially the management – fall in love with Christina all over again, until…it was time to pay her five hundred dollar$$-plu$ tab.

Said My SpyWitness: “Flabbergasted when the bartender handed her the hefty bill, she whined, ‘Really?...You want me to pay for all these drinks? I thought I’d be comped.’

"The bartender apologized and told her he’d love to pick up her tab, but he’s not the owner and he’d be fired if he did!”

Fury written all over her face, Christina whipped out her credit card, paid up and stormed out.