Mike Walker

Chris Pine Sets Phasers To Stun On Rude Customers

Captain Kirk ejects some jerks!

Chris Pine Sets Phasers To Stun On Rude Customers thumbnail

Mike Walker Reports… While staying under the radar with his head buried in a newspaper at a Beverly Hills coffee shop, “Star Trek” stud Chris Pine suddenly exploded!

The actor set his phasers to stun and blasted away at a nasty, filth-spewing couple who kept barking orders, sending back food, and obscenely berating their mild-mannered waiter — even calling him an idiot for not doing a damn thing right!

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Said My Caffeine SpyWitness: “Chris suddenly slammed his paper down and erupted like a volcano at the obscene bullies, blasting: ‘I’ve had it! I’ve never heard such rudeness! How dare you speak to anyone like that! You should apologize to this nice man!’

“With everyone in the place staring daggers, the creeps quickly paid their tab and split faster than you can say, ‘Beam me up, Scotty!’”