Here’s hush-hush from the Top Dawgs at “American Idol” – a major house-cleaning triggered by sinking ratings means RANDY JACKSON’s out as a judge next season, Dawg…and so is ding-dong wack-a-doodle PAULA ABDUL! “Ratings this year were the lowest in two years – one week, even ‘House’ beat it,” said a show insider. “The belief is that things have gotten stale, and ‘American Idol’ is now ‘American Idle.’ They really want to mix things up, create a whole new set, institute format changes – and get rid of Paula and Randy, replacing them with younger faces.” WARNING: Put on your dark glasses before reading this blinding flash, Idol fans – at the top of Fox’s wish list is… BRITNEY SPEARS! Say what? Replace Loony One with Loony Too? (Okay…but hide the kitchen knives!)