BOND goes OH-OH-7: Busts bad guy in grocery!

BOND goes OH-OH-7: Busts bad guy in grocery! thumbnail


 “BOND…JAMES BOND!” DANIEL CRAIG, shopping with wife RACHEL WEISZ at a market near their NYC home, cast a spy’s eye at a suspicious guy lurking nearby…pointing a cell phone right at them!

Quicker than you can say “Look…it’s 007,” Craig narrowed his eyes and whirled, snatching the cell out of the suddenly petrified guy’s hand and snapped: “Is watching me food shopping with my wife all that interesting to you?”

Said My SpyWitness: “Daniel was really angry but before he could do something he might regret – like destroy the phone – Rachel stepped in and gave the guy a stern, but polite, lecture on privacy, then ordered hubby to give the phone back.

Daniel handed it over, but asked the guy to please delete the video he’d taken.

The man obliged, erased it pronto while apologizing for the incident, then quickly split as James…er, Daniel and Rachel went back to their shopping.”