Bieber Panicked As PO’d Sports Fans Flush Pushy Punk From Stadium John!

WHY BIEBS PREFERS PEEING IN MOP BUCKETS DEPT.: Attending an LA Clippers basketball game at the Staples Center, JUSTIN BIEBER suddenly raced to the men’s john, accompanied by his burly bodyguard, then freaked when he found it crowded and – like the arrogant little snotnose he is – actually tried to cut the line!

Said an eyewitness: “Guys immediately started screaming, ‘Get back in line and wait your f****** turn!’ Unbelievably, Bodyguard bellowed that everyone should step aside and ‘let Justin use the urinal in private!’ Instantly, the 20-odd guys waiting yelled that Justin and Bodyguard should ‘get your ass out of here – or STAND IN LINE!’ Suddenly realizing that if all the guys got violent, he’d NEVER be able to fight them off single-handedly, Bodyguard turned to Justin and said, ‘You’re gonna have to wait!’” Not used to being told “NO,” Spoiled GirlyMan stormed out in a snit… and here’s the un-Belieber-ble KICKER: As the guys jeered, Bodyguard looked back over his shoulder and flashed them a BIG smile!

Said the source: “It was obvious that even HE was happy his punk had been put in his place!”

KICKER 2: When Dwieber’s kisser was flashed on the Jumbotron, the whole stadium burst into BOOs!