JUSTIN BIEBER fan-bushed at a Vegas hotel by nutty babes – who swarmed all over him as he entered a lobby elevator!

Talk about a “clothes” call – five of them grabbed The Bieb’s garments and started yanking him inside while one held the door open.

Caught flat-footed for an instant, Bieber’s burly bodyguards manhandled the madwomen, tearing them off the teen idol.

Cops were called, but the young “ladies” began crying stuff like: “Please don’t have us arrested!…

"We love you!…

"We would never hurt you…!”

Justin relented and got five of the girls released after they promised never to try their star-napping stunt again.

And Bieber Stalker No. 6?

She’d made a clean getaway – closing the elevator doors when she saw security grab her galpals.