Hot on the heels of pics that show him lighting up what looked like a huge joint at a party (although some reports allege the photo was doctored), girlie-man/badboy JUSTIN BIEBER reacted badly to a stern warning from execs of his upcoming movie documentary, “Believe,” who told him: Stay the hell out of TROUBLE!

“Huge money’s on the line because his last film, ‘Never Say Never’ earned upward of $100 million,” said an insider.

“That’s why director JON M. CHU and manager SCOOTER BRAUN had a sit-down with Justin and laid down the ground rules: No speeding, no spitting, no screaming threats at paparazzi, fans or neighbors, no puffing on funny cigarettes – and absolutely NO problems with police!”

The Bieb’s reaction? “Justin’s headstrong and never likes being told what to do, so his first reaction was to remind everyone that without him, they wouldn’t have a movie to release,” said the source.

“Then he started ranting and raving that he’s tired of people bossing him and calling the shots – so he won’t be taking orders from anyone!” OMFG! Stay tuned. 

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