The BIEB triggers traffic chaos – texts SECRET tip-offs to paparazzi!

The BIEB triggers traffic chaos – texts SECRET tip-offs to paparazzi! thumbnail

LEAVE IT TO BIEBER! My well-informed readers aren’t buying JUSTIN BIEBER’s whining excuse that “the paparazzi made me do it” after his headline-making 100 mph-plus speeding bust!

Back in April, I scooped The Dweeb’s dirty little secret – revealing that he’s so desperate for paparazzi attention he constantly tweets the foe-togs his exact location!

On a trip to Washington, D.C., with Disney doll SELENA GOMEZ, Bieber “whipped up a frenzy among fans AND paparazzi, who mysteriously kept anticipating exactly where the little lovebirds would land next.”

Then…mystery SOLVED!

“It was Justin himself who created all the chaos,” revealed one of his sharp-eyed chauffeurs. “He’d constantly tweet where they were – and where they were headed…He literally made sure he was pursued and surrounded everywhere he went…and it took all kinds of tricky driving to get through those crowds (of fans and photogs) without an accident. Stars complain about crowds and paparazzi, but Justin absolutely craved all the insane attention!”

And believe me, folks, Justin’s not the only showbiz fame junkie who tips off paps to create commotion!

(I mean you, headline-hungry PR people.)

But here’s what’s scary: To teen Justin Jerk, it’s just like a real cool video game – starring his space-age silver speedster! Not kool, kid!