Bickering honeymooners feel the love from sentimental STREISAND!

Bickering honeymooners feel the love from sentimental STREISAND! thumbnail

 BARBRA STREISAND and JAMES BROLIN, whose ongoing marital bickering was headlined in The ENQUIRER, couldn’t help looking at one another and smiling as they rode the elevator to their suite in the Washington, D.C., Ritz-Carlton, listening to a young couple bickering about money.

Said my source: “The husband was upset with his wife for spending so much money shopping, but she kept saying it was their honeymoon – and she wanted to buy a few trinkets. The young woman, embarrassed at being reprimanded in front of total strangers, suddenly realized that the couple wasn’t really ‘strangers’ at all. She suddenly whispered to him, ‘Ohmigod! Stop talking! Don’t you know who they are?’ Hubby didn’t get it and kept ranting as they got off at their floor – while Wifey mouthed the words, ‘Please ignore him!’”

Amused and touched, Streisand called down to the front desk, ID’d the honeymoon couple and sent them a bottle of champagne with a card that read: “Enjoy this special time with each other…and forget about the money.”

It was signed: “The couple who shared the elevator with you.” (Aaaawwww! They’ve only just begun…)