Affluent AFFLECK tips whopping ninety-six buck$$$ for a cuppa joe!


Showing up just after dawn at a Santa Monica java joint, BEN AFFLECK ordered an espresso to go, reached into his jeans for some jingly – and suddenly realized all he had was $100 bill$!

Said a Ben Friend: “The clerk told him it was so early that she didn’t have enough change in the register, and could he wait while she went back to the office safe.

"But Ben told her, ‘Don’t bother – you keep the change!’ She balked at first, but when Ben insisted she said, ‘Wow, that is so nice of you! My mom’s visiting from Wisconsin and I’ll take her out to dinner with this!’”

Then she totally swooned when Ben, flashing a big smile as he ankled, burbled: “Good…tell her I  said, ‘Hi!’”