Guess Who? brings you top secret tidbits about your favorite celebrities. The information is so salacious we can’t reveal the identities of the stars involved!

WHICH deceased TV icon hid his gay lifestyle so well from fans and industry associates that not a single person approached his longtime lover at his funeral to offer condolences? But now the secret’s getting out – and one of his famous former co-stars from the classic sitcom they starred on intends to reveal all the juicy details in a tell-all book.

WHICH blonde Oscar winner – known for helping out celebrities in crisis – has reached out to Kate Middleton after her topless scandal made headlines? The squeaky-clean A-lister got chummy with Prince William and his bride when the couple was in Los Angeles last year – and now she and Kate have become BFFs!

WHICH two daytime talk-show co-hosts smile and chew the fat when the cameras are rolling, but as soon as the show is over they don’t even speak? The chatty ladies can’t stand each other and that’s left their other co-hosts stuck in the middle. Who are they?

WHICH out-of-control reality star pops into a fancy salon every two weeks to have her mustache waxed? The bad-tempered brunette – she loves picking fights with her co-stars – is terrified that her bushy upper lip will be visible on high-definition TV!