Doe, a deer – a female diva, RX – a slip I use to get some drugs, Me myself a superstar, Cut a wrist or maybe two, Pass the Xanax if you can . . which brings us back to Guess….WHO??

These two female TV personalities, who’ve also had success in the music biz, have bonded over their shared interest in mental health care. Turns out the ditzy duo had more in common than anyone thought when they were hired for the same gig, and now they sit around comparing panic attacks and which psych meds work better than others! Who are they?

Which TV actress was getting late-night hang-up calls on her private cell phone that only a very select few people have access to? The petite brunette didn’t want to change her number again, so she hired a private investigator to get to the bottom of it. So who’s her  stalker? Her famous athlete ex!

What Emmy-winning TV star has implemented a strict “no booze or drugs” policy on the set of his new sitcom? The actor is constantly reminding everyone on the set what’s NOT appropriate in the workplace – and he’s offering counseling to any co-stars or crew members who may be in need of a little 12-step work!

Which aging diva turned down performing at the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee in London because British officials would only pay for her hotel and airfare but balked at her demand for an exorbitant performance fee? The notorious cheapskate didn’t even RSVP to the queen’s invitation, so they settled for Grace Jones instead.

Which handsome cable TV star refuses to marry his long-term girlfriend – whom he really does love – even after she gave him an ultimatum? The hunky actor just isn’t the marrying type – he’d rather booze it up, hang with his buddies and concentrate on his career, rather than settle down! Who is he?