Desperate eyes have IT – as they get sliced in an attempt to save hottie from becoming a NOT-tie!

WHICH B-list beauty, who’s not even 40 yet, is about to go under the knife to get her upper and lower eyelids smoothed out? The actress is dating one of Hollywood’s hunkiest A-listers, but she’s worried she may lose her young lover if her peepers keep drooping!

 WHAT talk-show personality’s overbearing husband made a major scene at an Atlantic City event his wife was hosting? The well-liked celebrity – she did a stint on a popular reality show – was approached by a fan for an autograph and was just about to sign when her hulking hubby pulled her away and told her admirer to (bleep) off!

THIS actress – who became famous for playing a hip city girl on a popular cable series – is helping her Oscar-winning beau stay on a clean and sober path. The new mom makes it a point to be at most of her busy partner’s Hollywood events just in case he’s tempted to take a drink and relapse! Who are they?

THIS actress-turned-talk-show host has become a nightmare to work with because her new chat fest, which hasn’t even aired yet, is already a complete disaster. She’s yelling and screaming at her writers and producers, she hates the set, and she’s been accusing some of her staff of setting her up for failure. Who is she?

WHICH single, aging blonde actress – the baby-mama to a respected Oscar winner – bumped into her baby-daddy’s famous co-star from a classic ’70s film trilogy and read him the riot act? The has-been party girl was so delusional she began screaming about her child’s absentee father to the actor because she actually thought he was her ex’s real-life brother – but they only played siblings on film!