The JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation has sprung back to life – with a chilling new list of suspects that could finally lead to the capture of the monster who strangled the little beauty queen.

An ENQUIRER investigation discovered the list includes Ramsey neighbors, a churchgoing pedophile, a person close to a deceased journalism teacher, a suicide victim who may have actually been murdered – and a child-molesting burglar!

Legendary Colorado detective Lou Smit – who has been investigating the JonBenet case for more than a decade – assembled the authoritative list that could at last crack the case.

Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner recently announced that a task force of investigators from various law enforcement agencies will take a fresh look at the case that’s haunted America for more than a dozen years.

Smit’s suspect list is crucial to that renewed effort.

“Lou Smit notified Boulder police that he will pass on his information to them. If anybody knows that case, Lou knows it,” a source close to the investigation told The ENQUIRER.

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