Michael Jackson‘s family is convinced he’s guilty of molesting little boys!

That’s the shocking revelation Michael’s brother Jermaine shared with a close source in private, even though he and the rest of the Jackson family have been publicly supportive of the embattled King of Pop, The ENQUIRER has learned.

As Michael prepares to stand trial on charges he sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy, his defense team has been rocked by the recent public disclosure that the singer reached an out-of-court settlement with two boys who accused him of molestation in the early 1990s.

Now, the close source insists that Jermaine told business associates he’s worried more boys will come forward to claim that Michael sexually abused them, too.

“Jermaine told me he thinks Michael is guilty of molesting this latest boy he’s on trial for as well as others,” said the close source, who passed a polygraph examination regarding his revelations.

“And Jermaine said he isn’t the only family member who thinks Michael’s guilty–the majority of Jacksons do.”

Concerned family members have been holding weekly strategy meetings to decide how best to protect Michael. Shockingly, they’re even considering hiring a private security team to keep the superstar from attempting suicide should he be convicted, according to the source.

“The family fears that a despairing Michael may even take his own life before he sets a foot inside a jail cell,” said the source.


“Jermaine said: ‘Michael ain’t going to jail, he’s going to commit suicide first.'”

When contacted by The ENQUIRER, Jermaine said: “(Bleep) you! I believe my brother is totally innocent.”

If Michael is convicted in his upcoming trial, his entire family will suffer financial harm.

The source said that Jermaine was counting on making big money from a Jackson 5 reunion concert tour.

“Last year, Clear Channel Communications offered the Jacksons $300 million for a reunion tour–Michael and the brothers together again,” said the source.

“But after Michael was arrested, the offer was put on hold.”

The damaging new revelation about payoffs to young boys has made the concert deal even less likely.

Michael’s attorney Thomas Mesereau insists that the payoffs are not an admission of guilt. He said Michael is innocent and will be “vindicated” when he goes to trial.


But Michael is facing even more problems than the trial. A new book about him is coming out from gay porn producer and former Jackson business partner Marc Schaffel and Jacko’s ex-publicist Stuart Backerman.

“And you can bet that those authors know of more skeletons in Michael’s closet,” said an insider.

At this point, Jermaine and the rest of the Jacksons are praying for a last-minute miracle, adds the source.

“They are hoping for some sort of Kobe Bryant-type of deal to get Michael off the hook, but the odds of that happening seem slim.”