Aspiring Hollywood actress Juliana Redding never made it to the big screen, but her shocking death has put her center stage in a real-life murder mystery.

As authorities tried to figure out who could have wanted the bubbly 21-year-old dead, they found themselves caught up in a web of intrigue that included the beautiful young actress, a business deal gone bust, a shady doctor with a dubious past and a “female James Bond.”

Juliana’s story began much like that of every other Hollywood hopeful. She left her home in Arizona, found an apartment in Santa Monica, Calif., and waited tables while trying to land acting and modeling jobs.

On March 16, 2008, Juliana’s mom called authorities in Los Angeles and asked them to check on her daughter because she hadn’t heard from her in several days.

When cops got to her home, they noticed a strong smell of gas coming from inside. They found Juliana’s body on her bed and a candle burning on a coffee table. A burner on the stove had been turned on and the pilot light was off.

Juliana had been strangled.

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